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    Character Description; Tesera 'Sunflash' O'Halloran

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    Character Description; Tesera 'Sunflash' O'Halloran

    Post  Manek Iridius on Mon Jan 11, 2016 2:22 am

      Standing at 6”2, the dragoness didn't cut all that imposing of a figure on hir own, but it was the way shi held hirself, the look in hir piercing green eyes – and the vicious-looking weaponry – that lent hir that intimidating presence. Blue scales glinted softly as shi moved, a streak of gold shimmering brightly as it ran over hir spine, from tail-tip to forehead, black hair cascading down over hir shoulders, each guarded by a single solid mithril pauldron.

      Piercings adorned hir face and ear-fins, rings of silver and gold, studs adorned with small, precious gems, each representing something of hir past, hir home. Four small hoops of silver ran along the top of hir left fin, a pair of thick gold rings hanging each from the bottom of the fin and hir left nostril, linked by a thin mithril chain. Three studs lined the top of hir right earfin, each made of gold and adorned with a different gem – a diamond, an onyx, and an emerald, while along the bottom, a single sapphire-tipped stud stood alone.

      Hir form seemed deceptively thin in the arms and hips even as shi sported an impressive chest for hir size, but it wasn't so noticeable underneath the mithril cuirass hammered out to hir form, the metal cupping against hir scales almost perfectly over hir chest and sides, the custom design leaving just enough space for the piercings adorning hir breasts and exposing hir navel and spine for the sake of hir comfort – and, shi was willing to admit, confidence. What gaps aesthetics made in hir armour were made up for with magic, for sensibility's sake.

      Hir greaves were completely crotchless, the armourer forgoing any sort of codpiece at Tesera's request and instead opting for a wide-plated tasset that hung down over hir groin and thighs while the greaves proper ran down the sides of hir legs, ending in the sharply-ankled shinguards typical of full plate. Underneath hir armour, three simple lengths of silk covered hir; one each wrapped under a breast and over the opposite shoulder as the third hung, draped from another mithril chain that hung from hir waist, keeping hir 'modest', yet still ready, should the opportunity or need arise.

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