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    Martial(Working Name)


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    Martial(Working Name)

    Post  Dynasif on Sun May 31, 2015 5:58 pm



    Using Martial skill drains Fatigue same as tech and biotics
    Fatigue FP: 100
    FP Regen: 2 per turn

    Skills: starts at 15.

    Green- Used for Ballistic Blades, Carnage, Flamer, Siege Pulse.
    Black- Used for Blade Armor, Fortification, Combat Shield, Shield Pylon.
    Pink- Used for Adrenaline Rush, Hasty Repairs, Marksmen, Stimulant Pack.


    Use Attack
    Use Defense
    Use Support


    Attack                      Effect

    Ballistic Blades- Shotgun ranges 5, per 20 rolled, F3 Kinetic damage

    Carnage- 5 per 5 rolled Kinetic damage knocks target prone if roll is better by 20

    Flamer- Shotgun ranges 5 per 5 rolled Fire damage

    Siege Pulse- 5 per 5 rolled Energy damage knocks target prone if roll is better by 20


    Defense                     Effect

    Blade Armor- Increase Resists by 5, and Unarmed or Blades get plus 5 per 20

    Fortifications- Increase AP by half max adding current AP. Add K.Resist 5 per 20 rolled lasts 1 turn for every 20 bonus decreases by 5 each turn.

    Combat Shield- Grants half cover in direction faced lasts 1 turn per 10 rolled

    Shield Pylon- Increases SP of anyone within 2s by 25 as long as they stay within 2s.


    Support                       Effect

    Adrenaline Rush- Double FP recovery for 1 turn per 25 rolled min 2

    Hasty Repairs- Recovers AP 5 per 10 rolled

    Marksman- Reduces recoil by 1 per 50

    Stimulant Pack- Free action use one hypo-injection costs 10

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