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    Techs (Working Name)


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    Techs (Working Name)

    Post  Dynasif on Sun May 31, 2015 5:41 pm


    Using Techs drains Fatigue.
    Fatigue FP: 100.
    Fatigue Regen: 2 every turn.

    Skills: Start at 15.

    Orange- Used for Cryo Blast, Incinerate, Sabotage, and Overload
    Yellow- Used for Defense Matrix, Hex Shield, Shield Boost, Tech Armor
    White- Used for Cloak, Decoy, Shield Repair, Supply Pylon


    Use Attack
    Use Defense
    Use Support



    Cryo Blast- Cold 5 for 5 rolled halves unshielded armour resistance for 1 round per 50 rolled min1

    Incinerate- Fire 5 for 5 rolled deals damage overtime to unshielded 20 Fire for 1 turn every 40 rolled.

    Sabotage- Disables firearm or synthetics for 1 turn per 40 rolled.

    Overload- 10 per 5 rolled to shields or synthetics.



    Defense Matrix- SP Regen 10 per turn 1 turn per 25

    Hex Shield- makes a wall 2s wide 2s high absorbs 20 damage per 10 rolled if used as cover. Full cover is granted when used as cover.

    Shield Boost- Increase SP by half max adding to current AP. Add E.Resist 5 for 20 rolled
                             lasts 1 for every 20 bonus decreases by 5 each turn
    Tech Armor- Increase all Resist by 15 and Multiply Tech cost by 4 drain FP by 1 each turn active.



    Cloak- Add 5 per 10 rolled to sneaking checks drains 1 FP per turn active

    Decoy- Shields are halved while in effect creates a mirror of user which moves to designated spot as fast as you can run. When used with Cloak double cloaks Sneaking bonus as long as unseen using Decoy. Decoy can take 20 per 20 rolled damage before being destroyed.

    Shield Repair- Recover 5 SP per 5 Rolled

    Supply Pylon- Has no FP cost but can only be used twice per mission. resupplies ammo, grenades, and thrown weapons. One can be taken in place of a weapon slot
    without having tech skills.

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