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    Biotics (WorkingName)


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    Biotics (WorkingName)

    Post  Dynasif on Sun May 31, 2015 5:29 pm

    Biotics (Working Name)

    Using Biotics drains fatigue
    Fatigue FP: 100.
    Fatigue Regen: 10 every 15secs.

    Skills: Start at 15 If not a mutation 5 if a mutation.

    Red- Used for Throw, Pull, Shock-wave, and Warp Attacks
    Blue- Used for Harden, Barrier, Shielding, and Wall Defenses
    Purple- Used for Healing, Movement, Stasis, and Singularity Supports


    Use Attack Skill
    Use Defense Skill
    Use Support Skill

    Attacks- Effect

    Throw- Gravity 5 for 5 rolled and dazed for 1 round for every 20.

    Pull- Gravity 5 for 5 rolled and pulled 1 square for every 10 and prone.

    Shock Wave- Gravity 5 for 5 rolled and pushed back 1 square for every 5.

    Warp- Gravity 5 for 5 rolled weakens K.Resist by 5 for every 15.


    Defense- Effect

    Harden- K.Resist 5 for every 15.

    Barrier- E.Resist 5 for every 15.

    Shielding- F.Resist, C.Resist, or G.Resist 5 for every 15.

    Wall- 1 Square for every 10 makes partial cover lasts for


    Support- Effect

    Healing- Heal 5hp for every ten rolled

    Movement- +1 square for every 10 rolled

    Stasis- holds a creature for 1 round for every 30 rolled

    Singularity- lasts for 1 round for every 20 rolled higher then defence rounds and lifts 1 creature and 1 additional creature for every 50 rolled. Minimum 1 Round area of 2s Radius.

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