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    Post  Dynasif on Thu May 21, 2015 8:54 pm

    Steel Mind: +10 Sanity
    (Weapon Class) Specialist: You are focused on one particular class of weapon, to the detriment of another. You gain a +10 bonus to rolls with your chosen weapon class, and a -20 penalty to rolls with your neglected weapon class.
    Special Training: Put 30 points of skill where you want but have to take out of others max.15 min.5.
    Hard to kill: -75HP to die instead of -50HP.
    Ambidextrous: Can use off hand without -15 penalty.
    Natural Linguist: +10 on Decipher&translate skill checks
    Jury-rigger: +10 on Repair or Engineering checks
    Natural Athlete: +10 on Athletics or Acrobatics checks
    Keen Eyed: +5% chance to Crit with Snipers
    Gunslinger: +5% chance to Crit with Short-arms
    Aptitude: +5 with chosen skill

    Weak Willed: -10 Sanity
    Addiction: You have to roll a sanity check to resist fail -1 sanity success +1 sanity.
    Insomnia: You have a hard time sleeping roll a sanity check to see if you sleep -10 to sleep effects
    Easy To Kill: You die at -25 instead of -50 can take 2 perks.
    Known Criminal: -10 on Acting and Influence Checks if they knew or find out.
    Uncouth: -20 on Influence unless Intimidating gain +10
    Weak Immune System: Double roll for Mutation.
    Klutz: -10 on Athletics&Acrobatics checks.
    Incompetent: -5 with chosen skill.

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